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  • Now pre-screening before the IQ test is available at a fraction of the cost. Please see Admission. Elementary students are placed in two grades higher or above curriculum. The whole family learns how to deal with being gifted. Even self-sufficient gifted students experience the emotional interaction of asking for help and being helped.

  • Washington state laws have changed. Public gifted education is now mandated from kindergarten through 12th grade. And, preschoolers in Washington are assessed for public gifted kindergarten programs. Learn More

  • BKPlay is now serving from preschool to 5th grade.  Learn More

We Are Different

BKPlay Embraces Giftedness
  • BKPlay encourages students to embrace and learn to manage their unique characteristics and capabilities in their formative years.
  • Once a father told us, “I want my child socialized with other children in a mainstream school setting — not to be isolated and unable to handle a large regular public or private school classroom.”
  • Following is our answer:
    • Being gifted is a special need that requires specialized education services
    • Being different can be difficult and isolating for young children; Gifted children often take years to accept and take control of their capabilities
    • Gifted children benefit socially and academically when they are in a cohort of their peers
    • Gifted children need to be challenged — matriculating gifted children into General Education programs can quash their curiosity, work ethic, divergent thinking, creativity and attention span
    • Positive social interactions with gifted peers builds confidence to interact with others
    • When gifted children are comfortable with their differences, they are more likely to use their intelligence wisely — as a leader and team member – instead of as a bully or a loner

Learn more about how BKPlay is different from other programs

BKPlay Academy is turning students’ inquisitive natures into creative outcomes, learning how to love their own uniqueness first, then they can relate to others and keep their love for learning. BKPlay Academy is looking for divergent thinkers—a child, for example, who seeks colored markers when other children are writing their names with pencils as instructed. Please call 425-633-2477 to determine if BKPlay is a good fit for your family or click here to learn more about ADMISSIONS.

Why BKPlay?

Learn more from Ms. Amanda Moore, Parent

Learn more from Ms. Tiffany Bernal, Parent

Learn more from Ms. Megan Montano, Parent

About BKPlay

BKPlay Academy supports the elements of a healthy community in King County by providing the best education opportunities at an early age and various education support to the families of gifted children.

BKPlay Academy is a post-constructivism school, offering a unique inquiry-based and hands-on curriculum with ability grouping regardless of student age, that is specifically designed to meet the needs of bright and creative students. Students learn to assess, question, and look for connections in the environment and in academics. We build a strong foundation to ensure a student’s future success in life.

BKPlay Academy does not discriminate children with disabilities. We comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) to make modifications to policies, activities, and procedures to meet the needs of a child with disabilities.

Mission Statement

BKPlay Academy’s mission is to improve the quality of education for young gifted children, from preschool through fifth grade. We are committed to deliver the highest professional quality early childhood education services to gifted children and their families in Seattle area.

Awards and News

  • Golden Apple Award Nominee
  • Parents Pick Award Winner by Nickelodeon Parent Connections in the Best Preschool in Seattle category