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BKPlay is moving and expanding!

To apply for Spring 2014 admission, click here for details.

The application deadline for September 2014 enrollment is January 31, 2014. Click here for details.

Washington state laws have changed.
Public gifted education is now mandated from kindergarten through 12th grade, beginning in the 2014-2015 school year.

Soon, preschoolers in Washington can be assessed for public, gifted kindergarten programs. While this is an exciting acknowledgement of the importance of early assessment and intervention, and hopefully the beginning of greater public awareness and acceptance of giftedness as a special need, services for highly capable preschool children are sparse. And yet, if a toddler is suspected of being gifted, parents, caregivers, and educators, should treat the suspicion with the same urgency as addressing any medical condition or developmental abnormality.

Gifted children can be fascinating, engaging, charismatic, and exuberant. However, they can also be intense, precocious, socially awkward, perfectionistic or highly sensitive. Over time, if highly capable children are not sufficiently challenged, they may become disengaged, absent-minded, or even depressed. They have unique emotional and social needs that require specialized attention from teachers who understand gifted students and are trained to guide and support their passions, inquisitiveness, and eccentricities. Establishing effective social skills, healthy risk-taking strategies, and stress management techniques in early childhood is essential to preparing gifted children for a lifetime of successfully balancing intellectual interests, personal passions, and interpersonal relationships.

While there may be many gifted children in your neighborhood compared to national average, your local school may not be equipped to accommodate highly capable learners. BKPlay Academy students are turning their inquisitive natures into creative outcomes, learning how to make better choices and to be accountable for those choices. Being advanced in academics is assumed, and BKPlay does not require standardized achievement tests at any age.

BKPlay Academy is looking for divergent thinkers—a child, for example, who seeks colored markers when other children are writing their names with pencils as instructed. To expand the services offered to young, divergent thinkers and their families, BKPlay Academy will relocate to a new Eastside location during the 2013-2014 academic year. Please call 425-633-2477 or click here to request a tour, to determine if BKPlay is a good fit for your family.

Creative Outcomes

BKPlay Academy for Gifted Children is the only Eastside school that is both Washington State accredited and specializes in the special needs of gifted children, from preschool through third grade.

The teacher to students ratio at BKPlay is 1:7.

At BKPlay Academy, we believe all children have the right to learn something new at school every day and to feel safe while learning.

BKPlay teachers nurture the potential of the whole child, using a curriculum that is carefully crafted to nourish not only each child's cognitive abilities but also his/her physical, social, emotional, and language needs.

Through a challenging, differentiated curriculum, BKPlay teachers provide each student with tools to think constructively, to discover and enhance his/her own interests, to work hard, and to be a productive team member.

Flexible, achievement-based grouping provides opportunities for students to explore topics in greater depth and at a higher level of complexity while being challenged by and learning with their intellectual peers.

BKPlay Academy 6236 122nd Avenue SE  Bellevue WA 98006  Phone: 425.747.4775

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