Parents Praise

Testimonials from Families

“BKPlay teachers have an amazing way of teaching subject matter I would have never thought possible until grade school, yet the kids love every minute of it. My 4 yr old recently asked, “Why is this balloon in the air – why isn’t the gravity working?” My 3rd old quizzes our entire family over dinner on Spanish vocabulary asking us each to raise our hands to answer!”

Amanda Moore 2009~2010/2010~2011/2011~2012/2012~2013 school years

Indu attended Kindergarten and 2nd grade program at BKPlay Academy.BKPlay provided a nurturing, reassuring and at the same time challenging learning environment in which Indu developed her love of learning while developing strong social and emotional skills at each stage of her educational journey. Indu developed a strong bond with Dr. Shin and teachers, who provided the 1-on-1 time Indu needed to develop and learn at the right pace. They took the time to put together a curriculum that suited Indu’s learning interests, provided academic acceleration in areas to match Indu’s learning curve, and explored topic in depth with Indu which serve as foundation blocks for her early education. Indu enjoyed going to school every day, since she knew her teachers are kind, patient and took the time to work with her in ways that made learning a joy.

The teachers at BKPlay Academy provided monthly reports on Indu’s progress, the reports were written very objectively and explained in detail the areas where Indu was doing well, and areas that needed further improvement. This made it quite easy for us to follow Indu’s academic progress. Teachers also took the time to have one-on-one conversation with parents to check our understanding of the reports, and how we are supporting Indu at home in the areas that needed improvement.

During her 1st grade Indu attended a different school and we observed at times she became bored and uninterested because the academic task at hand was not challenging. We believe BKPlay Academy challenged her in the right areas and supported her with all the necessary tools needed for future success, by providing curriculum differentiation, academic acceleration and exploring topics in depth to help Indu develop and discover her strengths.

Christiana Natarajan, Bellevue 2008~2009 and 2010~2011 school years 


Our family commutes from Seattle to BKPlay Academy because—despite being actively involved in and pleased with an established, local cooperative preschool—the special needs of our son became disruptively apparent. We sought answers and an appropriate learning environment, and found BKPlay. Dr. Shin identified our son’s needs, and has been actively addressing them since our first meeting. Now, two years later, she and the caring teachers atBKPlay work with our daughter, too.

The investment in our children during these formative years has exceeded our expectations. From the expertise of Dr. Shin (Ms. Meera) to the nurturing neighborhood location to the patience, energy, and devotion of the teachers to the involvement of families—BKPlay has the formula for sufficiently challenging inquisitive minds, while encouraging emotional wellness and social success.

–The Shaw Family, Seattle 2010~2011, 2011~2012, 2012~2013 school years

Dr. Meera Shin was a God-send.  I didn’t understand what was going on with my daughter.  After her evaluation of Olivia (Livvy), Dr. Shin revealed to us the reasons for some her personality traits, her abilities and potentials and helped guide us a course for the future.  She sincerely cared about Livvy and wanted what was best for her even realizing her school would not be possible due to it’s distance from our home.  Nevertheless she has been there to answer questions, provide consul and support us as we sail towards unchartered waters.  She is not only an evaluator and teacher she has made children’s potential her life’s work and passion and she celebrates in the accomplishments of gifted children.  I highly recommend seeking out her guidance and wish you all luck on your journey.”

–Virginia Coverdale, Olympia (See her story above on KING5 News)

“We have looked at many programs for my daughter. BKPlay meets my high expectations. Most of all, BKPlay is the first place she has settled in so quickly and happily without me.”

–Liza O., Bellevue former kindergarten teacher and education psychologist

Our son attended BKPlay for the past 2 years. BKPlay has been a wonderful experience for our entire family. Our son has learned so much in the past 2 years–far exceeding our expectations! He has gained considerable confidence and has learned how to deal with the challenges of learning new material without becoming overly frustrated. The teachers give individualized attention to the students–working at each child’s pace. The monthly observation reports are invaluable to us as parents. We always know what is going on with our child at school–both academically and socially. We love BKPlay Academy!! Thank you all for another excellent school year!”

Merridy, Michael, and Zachary Ruggiero, Seattle 2009~2010/2010~2011 school years


“Mara comes home from BKPlay on a regular basis telling us of the wonderful and exciting things she has learned that day. She recites songs, stories, Spanish vocabulary, and of course, what was for snack! We feel she is being challenged and also nurtured. Our goal for Mara was that she would learn to identify, and recognize letter sounds. We had no idea or expectation that she would be a beginning reader, with such confidence. A good fit for our child and family!”

–Melissa Lodwick 2009~2010/2010~2011 school year parent who is also a certified teacher in WA

Survey Responses

“Many people are unaware of how much FUN students have because they are blinded by the word “gifted” and think the school is purely academic.”

By 2011~2012 school year parent

“Amazing time and detail is spent to ensure each child is working and learning at their appropriate level. The monthly reports offer parents specific examples of the learning their child is doing. The field trips and experiences (reptile man) are appropriate, educational, and fun! We could not have found a better pre-school for our daughter. She is eager to attend school each day.”

By 2009~2010/2010~2011 school year parent

“This is our 2nd year at BKPlay. We are very pleased with the level of attention and individual curriculum our daughter receives. The teachers spend a great deal of time working with small groups and individual students. The monthly progress reports are detailed and informative. We have loved all the field trips and reptile man, a good sense of community.”

By 2010~2011 school year parent

“We are thrilled to have found a school that is the right fit for our son. Every morning, he is excited to go to school, and every afternoon he comes home chattering away about the new things he has learned. His immense progress so far is a testament to the school’s strong curriculum and dedicated teachers. We continue to be impressed with the monthly lesson plans, and we feel fortunate to receive descriptive monthly reports on our child’s academic and social development. We love seeing the teachers engage each student in the classroom, while keeping in mind they are still very young and need to be nurtured.”

By 2010~2011 school year parent

“I am consistently impressed by BKPlay’s ability to understand my child and meet her where she’s at. Her daily activities are tailored to meet her needs and the teacher to student ratio is excellent! I believe she is challenged, respected and accepted for exactly who she is!!”

By 2010~2011 school year parent

“Initially we had some concerns for IQ testing our daughter at such a young age. We had witnessed many occasions where we knew our 3 year old had knowledge of something and would pretend like she didn’t. Also our daughter was very particular about how and when she would do anything she was asked (a typical 3 year old). We also didn’t want her to feel like we were “testing” her. After our initial consultation with Dr. Meera Shin we could see right away that she has a lot of experience and empathy working with children and understood the unique challenges that came with “testing” at this age. Leading up to the test I told my daughter she would be playing with Dr. Shin and should cooperate with her and left it at that. When I dropped her off I told her to have fun and she happily went. When we came to pick her up she was equally if not more energetic and happy, bounding up the stairs, in fact she didn’t want to leave. I could tell it had not stressed her out in the least. I am very happy we went through with it and feel like it was helpful in knowing her strengths and weaknesses.”

By 2009~2010 school year parent

“We entered BKPlay Academy with high expectations based on how the school positioned itself – and BKPlay has met and surpassed those expectations! I love how the students are met right where they are (relative to academics) and how there is no pressure to academically excel unless the child displays that capability. We like the diverse curriculum and second language option. One of the other factors that we find particularly valuable and unique is the teacher’s understanding of the social and emotion needs of gifted children – even at the very young age of our student. We feel our child is valued and loved at BKPlay!”

By 2009~2010 school year parent

“BKPlay Academy is a wonderful school for gifted students. Dr. Shin and BKPlay teachers do a fantastic job of mentally engaging the students and encouraging them to learn while always remembering that these are first and foremost toddlers and young children. They always have a hug ready for anyone that needs it.”

By 2009~2010 school year parent

“Our son was miserable at his previous school. He cried most mornings before going and spent much of his day refusing to participate, saying he was bored and acting frustrated — despite his teacher trying her best. She just couldn’t meet his unique needs along with the needs of 20 other children. Now that he is at BK, our son has stopped crying in the mornings. He is reading and talking a lot about math. He really enjoys Spanish and tells us both Spanish and Korean words and songs. The extra attention and ability to work with some of the unique quirks of gifted children like our son that the teachers at BK have is really allowing him to blossom. Our whole family is happier as a result.”

By 2009~2010 school year parent

“Dr. Shin and BKPlay teachers are very good teachers that clearly care about the happiness and well being of my child, balance the emotional needs along with academic ability and have done an excellent job with the reading, writing and math portion of the curriculum.”

By 2009~2010 school year parent.

“Our daughter immediately loved school, coming home practicing writing her letters and confidently spelling her name. I can see at BK she’s really gone to the next level, she’s thinking more, figuring things out, and learning to be a good student and friend. The monthly reports from the teachers are amazing, how they can notice such details for every student is remarkable.”

By 2009~2010 school year parent

“The monthly observation reports are priceless. It shows that the staff at BK Play are really focused on each child as an individual and they work with each child according to his/her needs.”

By 2009~2010 school year parent