BKPlay is different in these main areas that enable us to provide a unique and great learning experience which will suit the needs of each child:

  • Children who are gifted need to be identified and celebrated early, just like children with musical or athletic abilities.

  • Gifted education in early childhood could make a lifelong defining difference in a child’s life.

BKPlay Academy is a post-constructivism school

Learning is not completely dependent on what we are born with or our surrounding environment. We learn by constructing our knowledge through experiences, which is constructivism. BKPlay is a post-constructivism school. We believe in teachers scaffolding students’ learning and facilitating the ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development). The main difference between constructivism and post-constructivism is acknowledging the adult’s role to scaffold the experiences and facilitate the ZPD, so that students can develop from one stage to the next. Scaffolding and the ZPD are even more important for gifted students who are highly motivated and autonomous with various interests. Many times, self-sufficient gifted students may not have had a chance to ask for help or be taught in a proper way before they come to BKPlay. The experience of asking for help and being helped properly by a teacher is a vital emotional interaction, which is a stepping stone for empathy. BKPlay Academy is providing just that experience.

Research projects that are built around students’ interests

At BKPlay, research projects are built around students’ interest to engage and to keep their love for learning. A great way to keep students’ curiosity alive is to respond to their questions at school. Students tend to lose their interest in asking questions if all of the school curriculum is predetermined and when no one responds to their questions. This is not something we can achieve with a challenging academic curriculum alone; research projects will facilitate student’s initiative and the ability to follow through and cooperate.

Research Projects
Students are not given a curriculum according to their chronological age

Students are placed in a program that is according to their abilities and achievement levels. Most of the students are placed in two grades higher or above academics depending on each subject while they still stay with their age peers.


Preschoolers are notorious social scientists. They are actively interacting with and reacting to stimuli in their world, learning to control impulses, and coping with episodes of disequilibrium. For gifted preschoolers in particular, socializing can sometimes be overwhelming, confusing, or frustrating. Preschool at BKPlay is designed to meet the needs of our youngest students – aged from 2.5 – 5. The preschool program at BKPlay Academy places an emphasis on social skills, sharing, and teamwork through play time while practicing reading, writing, math fundamentals and researching topics of interests. Families can choose 4 or 5 days of school per week. Teacher-student ratio is 1 to 7.



Kindergarten students (ages 5 and 6), many of whom can tolerate a full day of school with limited social guidance. BKPlay Academy offers an opportunity for students to enhance and engage their reading, writing, math, and language skills through creative projects and research presentations. As individuals and as team members, students work with teachers to explore topics in depth. Recent research topics include sports, geology, and the human body. Kindergarten is five days per week, from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Teacher-student ratio is 1 to 7.


First and Second Grades

First and second graders at BKPlay enjoy a 1:7 teacher to student ratio with Washington State Licensed teachers. The teachers at BKPlay Academy take an interdisciplinary approach, through which students have an opportunity to explore topics in depth, from many different angles to further develop their reading, writing, and math skills in the process. Recent research topics include electricity, music theory, and the story mechanics. Whether your second grader started reading before 3 years of age or started two digit multiplication at first grade, BKPlay provides students the appropriate challenges.


Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades

Third, fourth, and fifth graders at BKPlay enjoy a 1:7 teacher to student ratio with Washington State licensed teachers. After years of schooling, there is a definite student profile for each student, so that we can tailor education more precisely according to their strengths and weaknesses. By this age, many students grow interest in elementary programming and engineering, creative writing, or performing arts classes.